Rapid braces

6 month smiles, fast braces, Inman Aligners and Damon Braces are all brand names for brace systems which market themselves on producing faster results.

We are happy to discuss and use any of these brands but, in reality, teeth move at broadly the same speed regardless of what type of brace is used. The brand you choose is not important. What is more important is your starting tooth positions and your desired end point.

If your teeth start in only very mildly crooked positions then you can achieve perfect straight teeth in 6 months or less.

If your teeth start in moderately or severely crooked positions then limiting your brace treatment to just 6 months will mean choosing to accept a degree of compromise on the final result.

If you are looking for Rapid Brace treatment, just arrange a consultation to allow us to give you advice tailored to your own individual situation.