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Why Loosely Fitting Dentures Could Pose an Oral Health Risk

Dentures are some of the most effective ways to remedy a series of lost teeth. Often utilised by the older generation, these devices will help to restore a smile to its former glory. 

Dentures are held in place with the help of an adhesive or in some cases, through the use of a metallic framework. 

While the majority of individuals will not experience any problems, there can still be times when the apparatus does not sit properly within the mouth. Unfortunately, this may lead to other health issues if not corrected. Let’s take a closer look. 

Bone Loss Concerns

Dentures can actually help to stimulate jaw bone growth to a certain degree. However, those that do not fit properly can contribute to bone density loss over time; leading to a “hollow” appearance around the mouth and teeth. Bone loss within the jaw cannot normally be reversed. 

Chewing Problems

It only stands to reason that ill-fitting dentures will make it much more difficult to chew food. Not only can this lead to significant amounts of pain and discomfort, but it may no longer be possible to enjoy your favourite meals or to eat out with friends.

The Inability to Obtain Nutrients from Food

A final concern involves nutrient uptake. Those who can no longer consume healthy foods are much more likely to suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This can lead to additional health problems, so it is therefore important that seeking the help of a professional is important.

Loose-fitting dentures can normally be corrected with ease. However, this is a problem which needs to be dealt with sooner as opposed to later. So, be sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist if you suspect that a problem may exist. A solution is literally only moments away.

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