Case studies

Case studies

Please see some of our case studies below. You can use the Case Study Filter to refine your search.

Aligners and bonding

Helen was not happy with her smile. One front tooth was displaced backwards which had resulted in it wearing much Read more>

Implant and Bonded Retainer

Jamie had a ‘congenitally absent’ upper front tooth which is ‘dentist speak’ for a tooth that never grew. Jamie needed Read more>

Fixed Braces and Elastics

Fiona was not happy with the crooked appearance of her smile and with the tendency for her front teeth to Read more>

Upper fixed brace

Alice asked us to help her to straighten her smile. Many people ask us to straighten teeth in just one Read more>

Fixed Braces and Gum Recontouring

Gulf War veteran, Lee, did not like the way his upper and lower teeth sloped in opposite directions. The underlying Read more>

Clear Aligners and Bonded Retainer

Michelle was not happy with the appearance of her smile. We helped with Clear Aligner treatment to straighten her smile. Read more>

Implant and Crown

Rhys suffered a blow to the mouth on a night out at university. One of his upper front teeth was Read more>

Smile Transformation with Fixed Braces and Bonding

Rebecca’s teeth grew with the top ones sticking forward. Dentists call this an increased overjet. An increased overjet makes it Read more>

Clear Aligners Whitening and Veneers

We helped June with Clear Aligners, Whitening and Veneers. Treatment was done in 2008 but still looks great today.

Fixed braces

Orla was not happy with her crooked smile. We helped her with fixed brace treatment.

Veneers and Whitening

When we first met Robert he was not happy with the appearance of some dental work he had in his Read more>

Clear Aligners And Whitening

Michael disliked the appearance of his front teeth. We used Clear Aligners to straighten things out in a little over Read more>

Implants replacing back teeth

When Sarah first visited Balsall Common Dental Practice she knew her gums were not healthy. She had been attending a Read more>

Clear Aligners and Bonding

Emily was not happy with the appearance of her crowded and chipped upper and lower front teeth. We helped to Read more>

Spaces Closed with Orthodontics

When Umu first attended she was unhappy with the large space between her upper front teeth. We provided orthodontic treatment Read more>