Anti-wrinkle injections

Smooth away lines and creases to restore a youthful appearance

Anti-wrinkle injections are a popular non-surgical aesthetic treatment which can help you combat signs of ageing by smoothing out the lines and creases caused by everyday living. We’re pleased to be able to offer this life-enhancing treatment to people in the Birmingham and Coventry area.

How anti-wrinkle injections work

As we grow older, the skin loses capacity to repair itself – meaning that the creases formed by changes of facial expression become more likely to leave permanent traces.

Anti-wrinkle injections involve the use of a medical protein which has been used in many aspects of medicine for more than 20 years. Anti-wrinkle injections can only be prescribed by a doctor or dentist.

During the treatment, your Balsall Common dentist will inject tiny amounts of the treatment into the areas of your face where it will have the greatest effect, using a tiny micro-needle. The injections relax wrinkles and prevent muscles from contracting, giving the overlying skin the chance to recover and soften.

The effects of anti-wrinkle injection treatment normally last from four to six months. We’ll advise you how many treatments you’ll need, and when you should come back and see us again.