Natural-looking modern dentures for improved performance and optimum fit

A denture is a removable replacement tooth or teeth secured to a plate and often held still by adjacent teeth or implants. Carefull planning, construction and fitting make an enormous difference to the performance of your dentures and can literally transform the lives of denture wearers who previously lacked confidence when talking, laughing or eating.

Looking for options to replace an unsatisfactory denture?

Often patients come to us – both locally and from Birmingham, Solihull or Coventry – complaining of ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. Others are seeking a more natural-looking alternative to their existing dentures. We have the experience and expertise to accurately fit dentures which will look and function close as possible to the original teeth – and can also advise you on a denture care regime to further improve their performance. If you wish, we can also discuss alternative options such as dental implants to replace lost teeth.

Look forward to successful outcomes like these…
  • Your denture problems solved… whether recently arisen or long-standing
  • The opportunity to feel more confident when talking, laughing or eating
  • An improved, natural-looking smile
  • Freedom from soreness or discomfort
  • Better long-term dental health to keep you smiling!

Partial denture options

Full denture options