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When Are Dentures The Right Choice And How Long Do They Last?

smile, dentalhealth, oralhealth, teeth,Dentures are used to restore smiles after losing teeth. There are partial dentures for a few missing teeth and a full set of dentures for the entire set of missing teeth. By replacing missing teeth, dentures help to restore your beautiful smile and to restore function. However, how long should dentures last once inserted to replace missing teeth?

Dentures Require Regular Replacement

Denture need to be replaced at some point since they do not last a lifetime. People who have dentures are advised to have them replaced every five to ten years. Take note that the number is not equal for everybody due to unique circumstances with some people requiring replacement every three years whereas others replace them closer to the ten year limit.

There are a number of reasons that necessitate the replacement of dentures. Foremost, dentures will go through wear and tear just like natural teeth. The materials that are used to make dentures will also deteriorate over time and will require replacement.

A second reason is the fact that the mouth experiences changes over time. The mouth is often susceptible to shifting especially if an individual has lost some teeth. You will be required to visit your dentist for an evaluation so that the dentures look their best and to ensure that they fit well. The periodic evaluation will help determine if the denture require replacement so that they fit better.

When Denture Are the Best Choice

If you have experience significant tooth loss, dentures are the best choice towards restoring your smile. People who have challenges speaking or chewing due to tooth loss are good candidates for denture treatment.

People who have been missing teeth for a long time are also good candidates for dentures. Loss of teeth is closely linked to bone loss in the jaw which restricts the insertion of dental implants since they require good bone density.

Dentures are a good choice since they offer flexibility between removable dentures and fixed dentures. Speak to your dentist to help you make the best choice for your smile.

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