Balsall Common Dental Practice is currently closed until April 14th due to the Government’s Coronavirus social distancing measures.

We are still operating an emergency dental service.

If you have a dental emergency (such as dental swelling or dental pain that cannot be controlled with tablets) then please call 01676 928111 to speak to a dentist.

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Fissure Seals prevent 80% of tooth decay

Fissure Seals are a safe and effective way of preventing tooth decay. All back teeth have grooves on the chewing surface called fissures. Many front t...
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Why is Dental Hygiene Important?

In our younger years, our parents told us to skip the sweets to avoid tooth decay. As we grew, we learned that lack of dental hygiene could lead to ot...
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What’s The Best Option for Adult Braces?

Children and teens typically wear braces, but now it’s more common than ever in adults. This is especially true with innovations like clear and invi...
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How Does Dental Bonding Work?

If you have a chipped, cracked, discoloured or crooked tooth, dental bonding may be the right procedure for you. Dental bonding, also called tooth bon...
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How to Ease The Pain of Wisdom Teeth?

A child’s mouth experience lots of changes as they grow older. As they reach the age of 17 to 21, the third molars or more commonly known as wisdom ...
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Who is Dr Ash?

This article was inspired by the advertisement we ran in the local Bugle Magazine to share a little of our founder Dr Ashley Davenport’s story a...
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How Dental Contouring Works

Dental contouring is a cosmetic procedure that is also referred to as tooth reshaping and is carried out to give your teeth an even or uniform appeara...
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The Best and Worst Types Of Alcohol for Your Smile

Alcohol is not friendly to your teeth. Majority of alcoholic beverages contain a combination of sugars and acids that have the potential to damage too...
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