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Long-Term Impact of Thumb Sucking On Oral Health

Thumb-sucking is a normal habit for both babies and toddlers. It is a habit that babies find soothing and comforting. Most children will grow out of t...
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How Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are your best option in replacement of missing teeth since they are strong and extremely reliable. The dental implant is composed of a...
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Discover How to Keep Looking and Feeling Young the ZO Way

Here at Balsall Common Dental Practice, we love showing people how to look and feel healthy and young, using technically advanced skincare solutions, ...
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Thinking about what to do with those Exam Results?

For some people that have just collected their exam results this time of year can be deeply troubling. For some, it becomes a time for reflection and ...
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Balsall Common Dental Practice Poetry

At the time of publishing this blog post with our first attempt at poetry on Monday 30th July 2018, it remains to be seen whether we add to it over ti...
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5 Great Reasons to attend Balsall Common Beer Festival

We are delighted to join more than a dozen local businesses and organisations in supporting the 2018 Balsall Beerfest: 2018 Balsall Common Beer Festiv...
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The Reason Why Gums May Look White

People are worried to notice white spots on the gums. These white spots can be the result of numerous causes that may range from mild to severe health...
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Parking at Balsall Common Dental Practice

In recent months we have experienced increasing problems with our car parking spaces being taken up by members of the public with no connection to the...
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