Dentistry News

Think your smile is beyond repair? Consider a smile makeover

  Name any Hollywood star or celebrety such and you can be sure that they have a dazzling smile to match their charisma. While they may have been born with their charm, Read more>

Treating Gum Disease will help with Blood Pressure

New research reveals that aggressive treatment of gum disease will help in lowering high blood pressure in people at high risk. The research was carried out on 107 Chinese men and Read more>

Shocking Numbers of Kids Have Tooth Decay!

A study by the Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS) at The Royal College of Surgeons reveals that 34,205 UK children below the age of 10 years in England required hospital treatment Read more>

Asthma Associated With Increased Risk of Gum Disease

A study carried out in Brazil has revealed that people with asthma are 20 percent more likely to suffer gum disease. Asthma is a common health problem and the people with Read more>