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Preventing ‘mask mouth’

Masks. Earlier this year none of us even owned one, and now they’re part of the fabric of our daily lives, no pun intended. And it makes sense. Anyt...
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Why Loosely Fitting Dentures Could Pose an Oral Health Risk

Dentures are some of the most effective ways to remedy a series of lost teeth. Often utilised by the older generation, these devices will help to rest...
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Could Medications Put Your Teeth at Risk?

Science has given us medications to treat countless ailments. However, were you aware that some of these might be placing your smile at risk? There ar...
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What we’re doing to keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic

At Balsall Common Dental Practice, your safety is our priority. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time outlining every possible step we need to m...
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Fissure Seals prevent 80% of tooth decay

Fissure Seals are a safe and effective way of preventing tooth decay. All back teeth have grooves on the chewing surface called fissures. Many front t...
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Why is Dental Hygiene Important?

In our younger years, our parents told us to skip the sweets to avoid tooth decay. As we grew, we learned that lack of dental hygiene could lead to ot...
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What’s The Best Option for Adult Braces?

Children and teens typically wear braces, but now it’s more common than ever in adults. This is especially true with innovations like clear and invi...
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How Does Dental Bonding Work?

If you have a chipped, cracked, discoloured or crooked tooth, dental bonding may be the right procedure for you. Dental bonding, also called tooth bon...
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