Teeth whitening

Using proven teeth whitening treatments to make your smile look cleaner, healthier and more youthful

It’s little wonder that teeth whitening has become such a popular treatment. Tooth whitening needs no anaesthetic, no drilling and does not harm or weaken the tooth in any way. And the results can be remarkable.

Everyone’s teeth become darker and lose their original whiteness as we grow older. In addition to this natural process, tea, coffee, cola, smoking and many types of foods all take their toll. Brushing or polishing alone simply isn’t enough to counter these effects… hence the growing popularity of teeth whitening.

Many people find that tooth whitening is the perfect solution to reverse age and food-related yellowing. Here at Balsall Common Dental Practice we can offer you choice of dependable techniques to suit your individual situation and budget – all capable of permanently and significantly lightening your smile.

Why not contact us now? Your dentist will be pleased to talk over the different teeth whitening options and recommend one for you.

Look forward to successful outcomes like these…
  • The opportunity to feel more confident about yourself
  • An improved smile with younger-looking teeth
  • No more embarrassment over yellowed or food-stained teeth
  • Better long-term dental health to keep you smiling!