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High-tech prevention

High-tech prevention

How laser scanner technology can detect decay early and prevent fillings

Preventative dentistry is very much the focus at Balsall Common and we can draw on some extremely advanced technology to help our patients enjoy on-going dental health with an absolute minimum of intrusive treatment. This is at the heart of our approach to family dentistry.

Laser scanners for early detection

We employ a high-tech DIAGNOdent laser scanner to detect early decay sooner than would otherwise be possible. A concentrated beam of light shines into the tooth. If the light is absorbed by bacteria a series of beeps will be heard, indicating decay.

Treating decay without fillings

Using laser technology to detect decay early means our patients can then benefit from Photo Activated Disinfection (PAD). Designed to avoid the need for fillings, PAD uses a medical grade laser to treat early decay by painlessly destroying bacteria and allowing the tooth to heal itself.

Following PAD treatment and the use of new fluoride products, a small cavity can be completely healed within 30 days. No injections, no fillings… and it’s painless!

Reducing decay by 40%

Fluoride varnish application works alongside PAD treatment to strengthen enamel on baby and adult teeth, reducing decay by 40%. The varnish soaks into the tooth surface and slowly releases protective fluoride, lowering the decay risk for 28 weeks after application.

We also use fissure sealants to prevent decay by sealing the grooves which can harbour sugars and decay-causing bacteria. Fissure sealants can be applied to any back teeth which do not already have large fillings. They are suitable for children over 6 years old and can achieve excellent results.

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