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Lip augmentation for beautiful, kissable lips

Dr Catherine Myatt

Dr Catherine Myatt

If you’re seeking fuller, kissable, natural looking lips you may find there’s more to the subject than meets the eye

One size does not fit all and there’s a mind-boggling array of solutions, providers and practitioners out there.

The most well-known solution in the market place is lip augmentation with injection-based lip fillers. If you’re considering such a treatment it’s important to have a clear vision for the look you’d like to achieve, one that looks natural and does not over exaggerate a particular area of your face.

Far be it from us to mention names, but there’s plenty of examples in ‘celebrity-land’ of atrocious interventions that leave one wondering what sort of consultation they had and how much thought they put into the look they were aiming for.

It’s also important to think carefully about your provider. Choosing a skilled provider that understands your aims and concerns is vital.


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By their very nature injections-based treatments are invasive and require skilled placement by a trained professional. No treatment is without risk. For lip augmentation, the risks of a poor product choice or procedural error include bleeding, infection, numbness, scars and even allergy. As dental surgeons we have studied and are uniquely familiar with the anatomy of the area around the mouth and are well placed to minimise and eliminate risk as far as possible.

There are many lip augmentation treatments on the market. Permanent surgically placed lip implants have largely passed into history in favour of less invasive lip augmentation with injectable products. Injectable products include ones based on collagen from animals, collagen from humans, resin based materials and temporary injectable fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

At Balsall Common Dental Practice we only use temporary injectable fillers based on hyaluronic acid, a material found naturally in the skin. This is because the temporary fillers have a very good safety profile. They last 6 to 12 months and can’t cause any permanent unwanted effects.

More permanent lip augmentation with long lasting materials may seem tempting but we really wouldn’t recommend taking that risk. Collagen products are less popular these days and there’s plenty of others which are not recommended, but still used, somewhat irresponsibly by some providers.

The product of choice at Balsall Common Dental is Juvéderm and our artist-in-residence is the highly trained and skilled Dr Catherine Myatt. In the right hands Juvéderm offers a journey to natural and youthful looking, plumper, fuller lips. It can redefine your appearance, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and bring symmetry and balance to your face.


About Our Services

Here at Balsall Common Dental Practice we offer our clients safe, dependable dermal filler treatments using premium products from the Juvéderm® Ultra range.

We are passionate about performing all procedures to the highest of standards of hygiene and skill. We provide a full consultation that allows you to understand the choices and risks before deciding to proceed. You may find our assurances and Quality Care Charter of particular value in the unregulated world of cosmetic fillers.

Balsall Common Dental Practice Quality Care Charter


Our Aims for Your Consultation and Treatment

We are passionate about providing an excellent service and our free consultations are designed to offer you complete confidence in the following:

• We understand and routinely follow proper procedures to eliminate cross infection risks
• We are qualified and regulated health care professionals
• Our premises are inspected and regulated as suitable for medical procedures


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Claim your free facial aesthetics consultation with Dr Catherine Myatt:

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Dr Catherine Myatt

Free consultation with Dr. Catherine Myatt

Dr Catherine Myatt BDS MFGDP(UK)

Cath joined the practice as a dentist in 2002.  She and Ashley met on their postgraduate Vocational Training course in Birmingham when they ended up working at the same practice in West Bromwich.  When Ashley was looking for an associate at Balsall Common Dental Practice, Cath came to take the role and she has been here ever since.  In 2017 Cath...

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