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Fixed braces to achieve straight teeth

Josie disliked her crowded teeth. We helped Josie to achieve her goal of having straight teeth by using fixed braces. Josie opted for a fixe...

Clear aligners followed by a fixed retainer

Tim disliked the spacing between his teeth and decided to improve his smile using clear aligners. Tim opted for a fixed retainer and is thri...

Clear aligners, resin infiltration and bonding

Esme disliked the mottling on her teeth and wished they would be straighter. We corrected the positions of her teeth using clear aligners an...

Tooth whitening and composite bonding

Andrew grinds his teeth in his sleep and has a diet high in acidic foods and drinks. Andrew disliked the worn appearance of his teeth and th...

Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners

Ruby disliked the crowded appearance and shade of her teeth. Ruby decided to have orthodontic treatment to align her teeth. Ruby preferred t...

Removable Dentures

Michael disliked the appearance of his teeth. He had problems with teeth becoming loose and causing him pain. Michael had advanced gum disea...

Fixed braces and bonding

Gavin’s main concern was the alignment of his teeth and how they appeared narrow and crowded. He was also concerned by wear at the gum...

Removable clear aligner treatment and whitening

Jenny’s main complaint was the alignment of her teeth. Jenny completed a course of clear aligner treatment and is thrilled with the re...


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