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How to Ease The Pain of Wisdom Teeth?

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A child’s mouth experience lots of changes as they grow older. As they reach the age of 17 to 21, the third molars or more commonly known as wisdom teeth, will emerge.

When our third molars grow correctly, they can help us chew better. When a wisdom tooth appears, it is reasonable to feel a little discomfort and pain. That is why when they appear, you must see your dentist.

Wisdom teeth can be painful when there is not enough space for them to surface or when they appear in the wrong position in your mouth.

The pain may resolve on its own or with home remedies.

Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Problems

  • Rinsing with Chlorhexidine Mouthwash (eg Corsodyl). This helps lower bacterial numbers around the affected area.
  • Bathe the area with hot salty water. Dissolve a teaspooon of salt into a half cup of recently boiled water. Take a mouthful and hold it in your mouth over the affected area until it cools. The heat and salt helps draw out any infection.
  • An ice pack held against the outside of the jaw can reduce symptoms by easing inflammation.
  • Ibuprofen helps by killing pain and reducing inflammation but check with you can take it with your pharmacist.
  • Numbing Gel from your pharmacy can help

If home remedies do not solve your problem, if you develop swelling or if your wisdom tooth problems return repeatedly you should see a dentist for advice and possible treatment.

Your dentist may need to assess the problem area with an x-ray to ensure the wisdom tooth is nat causng damage to the adjacent heathy molar tooth.

They will need to rule out other possible causes of the same symptoms including pain from tooth decay, dental infections and tooth clenching.

If the wisdom tooth looks like it may grow through normally and that problems may be temporary then your dentist may prescribe an antibiotic to help resolve the current symptoms.

If you have suffered multiple previous occurrences of wisdom tooth problems then your dentist may need to make arrangements to remove the affected tooth.

If you have been affected by a troublesome wisdom tooth you can download a voucher for a free consultation with a dentist  here:

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