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Facts You Didn’t Know About Gum Disease

teeth health smile dentistThe symptoms of gum disease should not be ignored. A reported 20 percent of adults ignore the presence of blood in their spit after or when brushing their teeth. In fact, many consider it normal to have bleeding gums.

Healthy Gums Should Not Bleed

Even though 97 percent of people agree that spitting blood when you brush is a sign of poor oral health, only a small number really acknowledge that it is a dental condition warranting a visit to the dentist.

Healthy gums are firm and pink in color — and they should NOT bleed when flossing, when touched or when brushing. Visit your dentist or hygienist immediately when you notice blood to prevent a more serious gum condition called periodontitis.

Buildup of Plaque Causes Bleeding Gums

Plaque buildup causes the irritation of the gums. Plaque is formed when saliva and mouth bacteria form a sticky film over teeth and gums.

Plaque bacteria builds on and between teeth. This eventually leads to irritated and bleeding gums if not treated. Plaque is not visible to the naked eye.

To control and prevent plaque buildup follow the home-care advice given by your hygienist. Brush your teeth twice each day. Floss between teeth to get rid of plaque from the gum line and from tooth surfaces.

Bleeding Gums Won’t Go Away Without Treatment

Oral health problems like gum disease should not be ignored. This includes bleeding gums, bad breath, swollen and receding gums.

Good oral hygiene is critical in the prevention of bleeding gums and advancement of gum disease.

Receded Gums Can Never Grow Back

Recession of the gums will occur when diseased gum and bone shrinks away exposing the root of the tooth. Teeth will actually appear longer for people with receded gums. Once the gum and bone has gone, it is gone. Proper supportive care from a hygienist is vital to ensure that gums remain healthy.

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