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The Importance of Dental Deep Cleaning

smile teeth oral health smileFor people with a healthy smile, it may have been a while since they last visited the dentist. They may consider professional teeth cleaning as not necessary or a complete waste of time. The prevailing notion is that their mouth is healthy since they brush and floss frequently.

Professional deep cleaning is required since it is impossible for even the best brushers to get rid of all plaque on their teeth. There are areas of the mouth that are difficult to reach. Teeth such as the molars are deeply grooved and provide the perfect environment for growth of bacteria.

Here are a few reasons why it is necessary to visit your hygienist or dentist for professional cleaning.

Near Impossible To Get All Spaces

Did you know that it is impossible to reach all the necessary spaces when brushing teeth? You are supposed to brush each tooth on every side. However, not every tooth can be reached on all its sides. That is why flossing is necessary to get rid of plaque and food debris that is stuck between adjacent teeth.

Your dentist will ensure that your mouth remains healthy by performing a deep cleaning when you go for regular checkups. It is during these visits that the dentist points out the areas that you are missing and provide advice on how to improve brushing technique.

Deep cleaning allows for the removal of plaque from the tight spaces and other hard to reach areas with your toothbrush. The removal of plaque helps in the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

Plaque Can Turn To Tartar

Failure to remove plaque will lead to the formation of tartar on your teeth. Tartar is a dark hardened mineral substance that is only removed professionally at the dentist’s office.

Tartar will normally buildup below the gumline and can irritate the gums leading to gum disease. Tartar will also cause teeth staining and the formation of cavities. Additionally, tartar offers ground for the formation of more plaque which makes it difficult to effectively clean the mouth.

Helps You Keep Healthy Teeth For Life

Teeth can weaken as you get older but this isn’t meant to happen and shouldn’t be considered as an inevitable part of aging.

Professional deep cleaning with a dental hygienist or dentist is more than just removing stains.

By removing harmful bacteria from hard to reach places and helping you to finesse your home brushing regimen, deep cleaning reduces your chance of suffering tooth loss due to gum disease or decay.

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Colette Lawler BSc Oral Health Sciences

As a dental therapist, Colette loves to provide patients with a bright, clean smile and empowering them with knowledge of how best to look after their gum health. Colette has always had itchy feet…that’s not something she needs to see the doctor about but a statement about her love of discovering far flung places. Colette isn’t travelling ...

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Vanessa Carthy CEB Dip Dent Hygiene

As a dental hygienist, Vanessa gets her job satisfaction from educating patients on how to improve their oral hygiene techniques and she gets real pleasure from seeing patient's mouths getting healthier. Vanessa is the crafty member of our team and we mean that in a good way! Vanessa could put Kirsty Allsop the up-cycling queen a run for her mon...

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Lorna Ogilvie CEB Dip Dent Hygiene

Lorna joined the practice as a dental hygienist in 2003. A keen traveller before the arrival of her three children, Lorna has stayed much closer to home in recent years. In fact her home has provided her with her biggest challenge to date. Two years ago she and her husband bought an old Victorian house in need of some modernization. What they ended...

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