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Break a Tooth like Beckham? Dentists Able To Fix Broken Teeth

Accidents Happen

Mishaps are bound to happen even to the beautiful and the famous. David Beckham recently broke one of his front teeth when he was out snowboarding. There was no panic – and the tooth is all fixed now.

Breaking a front tooth can be a distressing experience and may cause serious alteration to your smile. The most common causes of trauma to the tooth are: backward head butting from baby, handle bar gymnastics, a hit from a bottle when on a night out, swimming pool floors, and all forms of sport.

Keep Calm

Always remain calm when the accident happens. It doesn’t matter if it is your tooth or that of your child, do not become stressed out. You should try and find the broken piece if the break was clean – since it will help us in the process of rebuilding the tooth.

We will take x-rays of the tooth to examine the root and the surrounding bone following the break. The tooth will be monitored closely to reveal the real extent of the damage.

Other important considerations to the dentist will be the length of tooth remaining beyond the gum, how the teeth bite together, and the condition of the nerve within the tooth.

Keep It Simple

We will try to keep as much of the original tooth as reasonably possible, the trend is to carry out conservative treatment. Any treatment provided will depend on the severity of the break. If it is the edge if the tooth that breaks, composite bonding is all that is required to rebuild the tooth. The rebuilding of a broken tooth will require artistic talent to shape and finally give a polishing that mimics the appearance of the natural tooth.

If the majority of the tooth structure is severely affected, the dentist may recommend a crown. The dentist will initially want to know if the tooth is alive. The lack of vitality will call for the cleaning of the root and the subsequent sealing with a root filling.

All Is Not Lost

Finally, if the tooth must come out, then we will be able to get you a denture in the short term with a plan to a bridge or dental implant to replace the tooth in the long term.

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