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Smile Makeover Case Study: from hopeless case to infectious smile


Dental Nurse Kirsty Buckley helped with this smile makeover treatment and also contributed to this blog:

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear, so why is it so many people can’t or won’t smile?  For many, it’s a lack of confidence in the look of their teeth.  Here at Balsall Common Dental Practice we love helping people who think they are beyond help.

“I was so embarrassed with the big gap in my teeth” explained Umu.

“I tried everywhere but no-one could help.  But one day I tried Balsall Common Dental Practice.”

We’re so pleased she did!


Smile Makeover Case Study: Umu’s Journey

Original smile

Original smile

Umu first attended our practice in November 2013 for a free orthodontic consultation thinking she was a hopeless case.  She wanted to improve her smile, in particular the gap between her two front teeth, but after so many disappointments elsewhere Umu arrived with us and she genuinely believed she could not be helped.

Dr. Ashley Davenport discussed her goals in detail, before outlining all her possible treatment options and costs.

After her consultation Umu decided she would like to have fixed braces and opted for white brackets designed to make the brace less noticeable.  Ashley explained the journey ahead and warned that the first couple of weeks following treatment would be the most challenging, but that she would soon get used to the braces and as treatment progressed this would get easier.

In February 2014 Umu came in to have her brace fitted after which we booked her in for a monitoring session every 6 weeks.  These visits confirmed how well the treatment was progressing and we saw the gap between Umu’s upper front teeth begin to close.  Before long Umu found herself noticing a dramatic difference and as the weeks progressed found herself visiting more frequently, every 3-4 weeks so Ashley could adjust her brace and keep the teeth moving into the correct positions.

One of the dangers with these types of corrections is a relapse after treatment, so towards the end of treatment Dr Davenport stressed the importance of methods of retention.  He discussed the options of fixed or removable retainers, during which he actually recommended both types of retainers because Umu’s pre-treatment gap is at very high risk for relapsing.

After Umu had been using her brace for a while, Dr Davenport met Umu for a review and happy with the results, recommended a further appointment to have the brace removed.

Umu was very happy with this!

On Thursday 8th October 2015, nearly two years after her initial consultation, Umu attended her appointment for her brace to be removed.  Dr Davenport fitted fixed retainers, removed the brace and took impressions for removable retainers.  Umu was given a mirror to see the finished result and wow what a result it was!  Umu was so pleased and could not believe the difference.

Very happy smile

Very happy smile

Dr Davenport showed Umu how to clean around her fixed retainer and discussed the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth.  He recommended that Umu continue with her regular hygienist appointments and attended for a dental examination every 6 months.

It took Umu nearly two years of orthodontic treatment and commitment to get the smile she had always dreamt of.  We are so pleased with her result and that we could be a part of her journey to achieve her perfect smile.  ‘A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.’



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You will also be pleased to know that we are currently offering a Free Initial Consultation, 10% discount (subject to conditions) and interest-free credit (not available with other offers).



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Smile Makeover Case Study – Umu Heath’s Journey





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