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Dentistry News: Orthodontics

What’s The Best Option for Adult Braces?

Children and teens typically wear braces, but now it’s more common than ever in adults. This is especially true with innovations like clear and invi...
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How Straighter Teeth Promote Oral Health

Orthodontic treatment is highly sought after by large numbers of people. The treatment is not just for good looks but it is also for straight healthy ...
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Overbites Linked To Oral Health Problems

An increased overbite is described as when the top row of teeth covers too much of the lower row of teeth. Overbites are caused by the relative shapes...
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Common Dental Treatments That Close a Gap in Your Smile

Gaps in your smile could be natural or caused by trauma or decay. There are a number of dental treatments that can be used to close the gap in your sm...
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How to Correct Protruding Front Teeth in Adults

An overjet is the name dentists give to the amount that upper front teeth protrude past lowers. It is normal  for upper front teeth to protrude by ar...
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Why Do I Need Braces Again Now When I Had Them As A Child?

  You had braces as a child but you are not happy with your smile now. What could have not have resulted in you needing to consider braces again ...
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It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Smile

Your smile is important, it is the first thing that people notice about you and it gives you confidence in everything you do. It’s never too lat...
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Five things you should know about having braces at Balsall Common Dental Practice

  Have you thought about getting braces and decided that it wasn’t for you? We’d like to tell you that you don’t have to live with a bad bi...
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