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Wisdom Tooth Infection: What to Lookout For

teeth, health, smile, dentistApproximately 85 percent of people will require the removal of their wisdom teeth as some point in their life. Wisdom teeth will start erupting from about 17 years to 25 years and need to be evaluated and monitored regularly by your dentist to ensure they grow through uneventfully.

Most often, the wisdom teeth will not have room in the mouth and this makes them erupt through the gums partially or even push horizontally against the other teeth.

In such cases, wisdom teeth are said to be impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth pose the challenges of gum tissue disease and crowding. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can get pericoronitis, a bacterial infection.

These are the signs of wisdom teeth infection that you should look out for:

Red Swollen Gums

You will notice red inflamed gums around your wisdom teeth. They are a sign of infection and you may also see pus, tenderness and swelling. All these symptoms will make it difficult to bite down or chew food properly.

Bad Smell and Taste in the Mouth

Foul smell and foul taste in the mouth are signs of infection in the mouth. Check your gums to identify if there is pus around the infected tooth. The bad taste soon returns after brushing and will persist for as long the infection has not cleared. Visit your dentist to get proper treatment.

Swollen Lymph Nodes and/or Fever

The lymph nodes just below the chin may be swollen if the infection is severe. Swollen lymph nodes are an indication that the body is attempting to fight off the infection.

You may also have fever or chills and some people will even experience jaw muscle spasms. You should be checked by your dentist to identify the exact cause of the problem.

Treatment for Pericoronitis

Your dentist should provide proper treatment through antibiotics and/or clearing the infection site through wisdom tooth extraction to prevent recurrence of the infection.

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