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Case studies: Implants

Please see some of our case studies below. You can use the case study filter to refine your search.

Dental Implants Treatment

Bill disliked his loose partial denture that replaced his two upper front teeth. We discussed his options and suggested either making a new ...

Fixed brace treatment and dental implants

Vicki’s chief complaint was that she disliked appearance of her smile especially alignment and gaps. Vicki had fixed brace treatment t...

Dental implant to replace a missing tooth

Harriett did not grow her upper right lateral adult tooth and her upper right canine tooth was unerrupted below the surface. Harriett had fi...

Tooth colored fillings and dental implants

Darren disliked his discolored teeth and the gaps in his smile. We helped him but repairing the discolored teeth using tooth colored filling...

Implant and bonded retainer

Jamie had a ‘congenitally absent’ upper front tooth which is ‘dentist speak’ for a tooth that never grew. Jamie need...

Emergency Front Tooth Replacement

Rhys suffered a blow to the mouth on a night out at university. One of his upper front teeth was shattered beyond repair and required extrac...

Implants replacing back teeth

When Sarah first visited Balsall Common Dental Practice she knew her gums were not healthy. She had been attending a different practice for ...


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