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Case studies: Bonding

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Broken Tooth

Olive had broken an incisor tooth whilst playing. Olive had white composite filling applied to tooth to build up broken edge....

Clear aligners, tooth whitening and bonding

Gary disliked his gaps in his smile and the crooked positions of his teeth. We helped Gary to achieve this fantastic result by straightening...

Clear Aligners, Bonding and Tooth Whitening

Davina wanted whiter and straighter teeth. We helped her achieve this by using clear aligners to gradually correct the positions of the teet...

Gum contouring, Crowns and Bonding

Mandy disliked the appearance of her smile and knew that she had some concerns with the health of her teeth. Mandy was overloading her front...

Clear aligners, resin infiltration and bonding

Esme disliked the mottling on her teeth and wished they would be straighter. We corrected the positions of her teeth using clear aligners an...

Tooth whitening and composite bonding

Andrew grinds his teeth in his sleep and has a diet high in acidic foods and drinks. Andrew disliked the worn appearance of his teeth and th...

Fixed braces and bonding

Gavin’s main concern was the alignment of his teeth and how they appeared narrow and crowded. He was also concerned by wear at the gum...

Clear aligners and bonding

Heidi’s chief complaint was that she disliked appearance of smile especially alignment and crowding. Heidi had orthodontic treatment a...

Aligners and bonding

Helen was not happy with her smile. One front tooth was displaced backwards which had resulted in it wearing much more than it’s neighbour...

Fixed braces and bonding to achieve smile transformation

Rebecca’s teeth grew with the top ones sticking forward. Dentists call this an increased overjet. An increased overjet makes it much m...

Clear aligners and bonding

Emily was not happy with the appearance of her crowded and chipped upper and lower front teeth. We helped to straighten the teeth over a lit...


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