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Habits That Could Be Discreetly Destroying Your Teeth

teeth health smile dentistThe big secret towards having healthy teeth is to control and effectively manage bacteria. By adulthood, you should have perfected your brushing technique.

At that point, it’s time to address the minor and less obvious things that could be causing irreparable damage to the teeth. These habits could be fueling the growth and multiplication of bacteria in the mouth.

Foods and drinks that increase the amount of sugar in the mouth or have the potential to dry the mouth will lead to damaged teeth. Sugary foods breed bacteria-producing acid that corrodes tooth enamel. These foods also cause bad breath.

Visit the dentist to have them diagnose or help you prevent tooth decay. The dentist is best placed to advise you on how to enjoy your favourite foods without damaging your smile.

A few habits that may be causing damage to the teeth:

Your Workout

Most people tend to breathe through the mouth when working out which increases the risk of a dry mouth. Dryness on its own is not a major issue; the combination of dryness and the sugars and acidity in sports drinks could ruin your teeth. Water is a good choice during exercise and after the workout. Tap water is fluorinated and helps in the repair and mineralization of tooth enamel.

Snoring and teeth grinding

Snoring may cause mouth dryness and teeth grinding. Dryness is caused by breathing through the mouth. Teeth grinding is common when you snore and will damage tooth enamel leading to sensitivity and decay. Getting diagnosed and treated for snoring will lead to healthier teeth.


Antidepressants, pain killers and allergy medication can cause dryness in the mouth and increase the incidence of tooth decay. Always ensure that the dentist knows of any medication you are using.

Chewing Ice

You run the risk of chipping or breaking your teeth when you chew ice and other frozen foods.

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