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Things That Cause Damage to Tooth Enamel

teeth health smile dentistEnamel is the strongest substance in the body. Its primary job is to protect the soft tissues of the teeth. However, enamel’s strength does not prevent it from getting damaged. When enamel damage occurs, problems like tooth sensitivity and cavities can arise.

How can tooth enamel get damaged?

Aggressive Brushing

Your toothbrush’s bristles and particles in your toothpaste ensure that your teeth are clean. There is absolutely no need for brushing too hard. You just have to perfect your brushing technique to avoid damage to tooth enamel.

Sugary Drinks

Both sugary and acidic drinks are corrosive to the teeth. Alcoholic sugary drinks provide food for mouth bacteria that attack teeth. Acidic drinks create an acidic environment and will directly act on tooth enamel.

Acidic Foods

Examples of acidic foods include citrus fruits and candy that can damage tooth enamel. Acidic foods adhere to teeth and provide conditions for bad bacteria to grow. Acidic foods also directly wear down tooth enamel.

Use of Fake Teeth-Bleaching Products

The use of counterfeit  teeth whitening kits has been linked to serious damage to tooth enamel. These illegal and unregulated products are not worth the risk. A dentist can safely whiten teeth without damaging enamel.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth poses a big problem for tooth enamel. Saliva is required to protect tooth enamel as saliva constantly washes away bacteria. A dry mouth is more acidic and causes tooth enamel to get damaged.


Bruxism is also referred to as teeth grinding. Bruxism damages tooth enamel and leads to chipped teeth and loss of teeth.

Oral Piercings

Oral piercings such as tongue, lip, or even cheek piercings may have aesthetic value — but they have potential to cause damage. The piercings may lead to chipping and cracking of tooth enamel. Oral piercings may cause gum recession due to repeated friction with tissues in the mouth.

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