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Bad Breath associated with Poor Dental Health

 teeth health smile dentistThe failure to brush and floss teeth on a daily basis will surely lead to bad breath. The accumulation of food particles in the mouth promotes growth of bacteria that causes the foul odors.

Key takeaways:
  • Foods that have strong odors such as onions and garlic will leave a smell until they pass through the body fully. Mouthwash, Flossing and brushing will only temporarily mask the odor.
  • Halitosis could be a sign of gum disease, dry mouth, chronic acid reflux, tooth decay, diabetes, and respiratory problems such as pneumonia.
  • Good oral hygiene, regular dental visits, drinking lots of water and quitting smoking are ways to prevent bad breath.

If your dentist finds that there is no dental disease that could be causing your breath to smell, you may be referred to your family doctor or to a specialist to determine the odor source and a treatment plan.

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Dr Ashley Davenport BDS MFGDP(UK)

I qualified as a dentist in 1995 and can honestly say that I have been doing a job that I love for the past 20 plus years. Most people who know me well know that dentistry is a passion for me and that if I won the lottery I would still want to have some dentistry in my life. I get huge satisfaction from treating patients and making a difference to ...

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Dr Catherine Myatt BDS MFGDP(UK)

Cath joined the practice as a dentist in 2002.  She and Ashley met on their postgraduate Vocational Training course in Birmingham when they ended up working at the same practice in West Bromwich.  When Ashley was looking for an associate at Balsall Common Dental Practice, Cath came to take the role and she has been here ever since.  In 2017 Cath...

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