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8 common causes for teeth stains


The build-up of a yellow or brown tinge on your teeth can be pinned down to a combination of what goes in your mouth and the fact that tooth enamel is porous, leaving it susceptible to stains.

Food colouring is one culprit, alongside acidic foods and beverages.  Other seemingly innocent offenders are hot and cold food and drinks, where the expansion and contraction from sudden temperature changes allow stains to penetrate.

Here’s a shortlist of commander cialis en ligne forum top culprits on the teeth staining front:


  1. Tea or coffee


Coffee is a double-trouble when it comes to staining because of its dark nature and acidity, with a third dose of woe, if you enjoy your coffee piping hot.  A splash of milk is thought to help mitigate staining to a small degree.

It’s a similar story with tea, although there are some more tooth friendly options available in the form of green, white or herbal options.


  1. Cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco


Asides from the obvious and well-known health risks attached to smoking, nicotine and tar are the two culprit ingredients when it comes to stains on teeth.  Nicotine by itself is a colorless substance, but when mixed with oxygen it turns yellow.  The process of inhaling tobacco smoke, or chewing tobacco placed in the mouth, invites nicotine and tar to settle on the teeth.

These substances can find their way into microscopic enamel openings, resulting in those tell-tale signs of yellow or brown discolorations.  The good news, if any is to be had, is these particular stains form on the outer layer of the tooth and can be removed with relative ease.  Safe to say, for all sorts of other reasons, this is no endorsement for smoking!


  1. Curry

The story with curries and Asian dishes generally is all about the tannins in those spices. Tannins are plant-based compounds that make it easier for stains to cling to teeth.  Don’t be fooled by the lighter coloured curries either, as the compounds will stick the same, irrespective of their darkness.


  1. Red wines

The tannins in red wines, will ensure some of that deep red and purple colouring is left behind on your teeth.   By all means enjoy a bit of red, but you might want to rinse your mouth with water shortly afterwards.


  1. Soft drinks and fruit juices


Coloured soft drinks such as colas, including diet options are classic offenders when it comes to tooth stains.  The citric acids erode enamel, and most are packed with sugar which promotes tooth decay.

Fruit juices also leave colour behind on teeth, especially darker juices.  Eating whole fruits instead can be kinder to your teeth.


  1. Berries

The berry family all carry the health benefits of being packed with antioxidants, but be aware their dark skins can stain teeth.  Obviously the health benefits far outweigh the risk, but you may consider rinsing your mouth with water after you’ve enjoyed your gorgeous fruit.


  1. Ice pop lollipops and slushes

These all tend to be laden with food colourings which transfer to your teeth, embedding themselves in your enamel.

  1. Dressings, sauces and other food accompaniments

There’s a wide array of tasty ways of livening up your meals, but many of them have ingredients that love to make themselves at home on your teeth.  Classic offenders includes soy sauce, tomato sauces, dressings and balsamic vinegar.


What should you do about this?

Well, you could avoid all tooth-staining foods and drinks but that wouldn’t be much fun!  You are more likely to enjoy life by accepting teeth stains as a fact of life and knowing solutions exist to mitigate the effects.

‘Whitening’ toothpastes do not actually whiten teeth but they have a small beneficial effect by reducing surface stains.

Regular hygienist appointments will effectively remove surface stains but will not help with stains that have penetrated into the tooth substance.

At Balsall Common Dental Practice we suggest you continue to eat and drink whatever you want and see a hygienist regularly to control and remove any surface stains.

If internal stains cause your teeth to darken to the point where they annoy you then you may wish to consider professional tooth whitening, which will reliably reverse decades of diet or age related darkening.  Teeth whitening with a reliable professional is not invasive and does not damage the teeth in any way.

Once whitening is complete it can be repeated very quickly and very inexpensively every year or two so you can keep eating and drinking whatever you like without having to worry.

We currently have a web exclusive offer of £100 off professional whitening (normally £390):


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Alternatively, give us a call on 01676 529000, or use our online booking service to book an appointment for a free whitening consultation so you can discuss your options without obligation.




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