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Dentistry News: Whitening

How to get whiter teeth

    Did you know that most people’s teeth will be 8-10 shades lighter after teeth whitening treatment? If you wish your smile was as white...
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Whiter teeth: a case study

  Here at Balsall Common Dental Practice we often see patients who want to have brighter and whiter teeth. Over the years we have helped many...
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Beware of Illegal and Unsafe Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening can make a big difference in giving you a nicer smile without the need for radical changes. Tooth whitening seems like a simple proced...
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Will Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening procedures are becoming more and more popular. People are after a gorgeous smile that will make them proud. Teeth whitening can only ...
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5 Non-Dairy Foods to Naturally Reduce Tooth Stains

Beyond the usual brushing and flossing, there are a few more things you can do to reduce surface stains on your teeth. There are foods that aid in rem...
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Top Tips to Prevent Tooth Stains

We all want to possess a white, bright smile. While regular trips to the dentist are obviously important, it is just as prudent to recognise the diffe...
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It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Smile

Your smile is important, it is the first thing that people notice about you and it gives you confidence in everything you do. It’s never too lat...
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Are your pearlies looking less than white? Read our whitening advice.

  Just think of any celebrities today- from Cheryl Cole to the Dutchess of Cambridge- and you will agree that their shiny white smiles, plastered...
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