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The Best and Worst Types Of Alcohol for Your Smile

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Alcohol is not friendly to your teeth. Majority of alcoholic beverages contain a combination of sugars and acids that have the potential to damage tooth enamel. Potential problems caused by alcohol consumption include tooth staining, enamel erosion and tooth decay.

Even though there is no healthy alcoholic drink, there are specific types of alcohol that are better for your teeth compared to other drinks. The following information will help identify alcoholic drinks that are less likely to damage your smile.

Alcoholic Drinks Kindest For Your Teeth

  • Light Beer: Compared to other alcoholic drinks, light beer has a mild impact on tooth enamel since they are less acidic and are pale coloured. These beers will not cause extensive enamel erosion or tooth staining.
  • Champagne: Even though champagne has a highly acidic pH at about 3 to 4, it is light coloured and will not cause tooth staining.
  • Gin and Vodka: These tend to have higher pH at 5-6 compared to other alcoholic beverages making them friendlier to tooth enamel. They are also clear liquors that will not cause tooth staining. However, mixing these drinks with carbonated mixers and juices makes them a big threat to your teeth.

Worst Alcohol Types for Your Smile

  • Rum and Coke: This is perhaps the worst alcoholic drink for your teeth. Since both coke and rum are highly acidic, this drink is extremely corrosive to tooth enamel. Rum is a dark colored alcoholic drink that is likely to stain your teeth.
  • Wine: Wines are best known for staining teeth. Wines are sweet meaning they have a high sugar content which may lead to enamel erosion and tooth decay. Sipping water with the drink will prevent teeth staining.

Having the above information will help in making better decision on the choice of alcoholic beverage that doesn’t harm your teeth. Moderation and good oral hygiene practices are the best way to keep teeth healthy.

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