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Save money on Fissure Seals

Save money on Fissure Seals

Fissure seals protect teeth from decay by blocking vulnerable grooves with tooth coloured resin. They cut the chance of needing a filling by more than 80%. You can learn more about fissure seals by reading our blog post on the subject.

Fissure seals normally cost £35 per treated tooth (reduced to £25 for children and students).

We currently have a special offer for fissure seals booked with our dental therapist Colette Lawler.

Voucher holders can book a 30 minute fissure seals appointment with Colette Lawler at a cost of £90 (reduced to £70 for children and students) and she will seal as many back teeth as necessary and possible in that appointment.

That works out as a 40% saving for adults needing 4 back teeth sealed or a 65% saving for children needing seals on 8 back teeth.

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Please note that teeth need to have grown sufficiently to allow sealants. The number of seals that can be completed in a single 30 minute appointment will vary based on factors such as the ability of a child patient to cooperate and on the amount (if any) of staining that needs to be removed from the fissures before sealing.


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