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Dentistry News: Gum Disease

Why is Dental Hygiene Important?

In our younger years, our parents told us to skip the sweets to avoid tooth decay. As we grew, we learned that lack of dental hygiene could lead to ot...
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Possible Reasons for a Receding Gum Line

Recession of the gum line occurs when the gums pull back from the teeth exposing the roots of your teeth. Gum recession is not only damages your smile...
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The Importance of Dental Deep Cleaning

For people with a healthy smile, it may have been a while since they last visited the dentist. They may consider professional teeth cleaning as not ne...
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The Importance of Detecting Dental Diseases Early

There are numerous oral diseases that affect both the mouth and the body. Some of these conditions are not easy to notice until it is too late. The im...
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Treating Gum Disease will help with Blood Pressure

New research reveals that aggressive treatment of gum disease will help in lowering high blood pressure in people at high risk. The research was carri...
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Asthma Associated With Increased Risk of Gum Disease

A study carried out in Brazil has revealed that people with asthma are 20 percent more likely to suffer gum disease. Asthma is a common health problem...
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Overbites Linked To Oral Health Problems

An increased overbite is described as when the top row of teeth covers too much of the lower row of teeth. Overbites are caused by the relative shapes...
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Diabetes Linked To Gum Disease

A recent study has revealed that diabetes affects mouth bacteria and can cause gum disease. Diabetes is closely linked with gum disease but the risk i...
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