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What Follows After Tooth Discolouration Due To Trauma

Tooth Discolouration

A tooth can change colour from pearly white to grey, brown or black when trauma occurs. The injury to your tooth is not always caused by something drastic. Trauma can happen with a simple trip, a sporting mishap or even a stray elbow from a restless sleeper. Can the discoloured tooth be saved?

Why does the tooth turn gray/black?

The teeth also bleed internally like any other part of the body. Blood will leak through the dental nerves and cause discoloration of tooth pulp. Darkening of the tooth will continue over several days, weeks or even months if not checked. The damaged tooth must not end up becoming a dead tooth. Visit your dentist to get help.

Root Canal/Pulp Removal

A root canal may reverse the discolouration of your tooth by removing the damaged or dead pulp. The tooth will revert to its natural colour. Ensure that an experienced dentist carries out the root canal so the stained dentin is removed professionally.

Does A Tooth Always Need A Root Canal?

Natural colour often returns to a discoloured  tooth within a few days reducing the chances of getting a root canal. Where the tooth still remains discoloured, go to see your dentist to check if the damage needs to be repaired.

You Still Can Have Pearly White Teeth

Everybody can get an accident, fall, or through other ways get a discoloured tooth. Saving your smile will require prompt action to ensure that damage doesn’t spread and completely damage the tooth. Make the visit to your dentist immediately when a tooth suffers any form of trauma. If you already have a discoloured tooth then there are various whitening options once the root canal is completed.

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