Set Your Kids on the Path to Healthy Dental Habits

It is important that children adopt healthy dental habits that are going to give them a strong healthy smile over a lifetime. Habits learned early in childhood will last through to adulthood.

Sometimes, starting off good habits such as brushing and flossing may seem difficult. Help your children learn these habits early so they learn the importance of taking care of their teeth. Here are a few tips that will help parents promote healthy dental habits in their children.

Start Early

Children will more readily accept healthy dental habits the earlier you can get them to start. You should teach your children to brush their teeth as soon as they get their teeth. Before that, you should wipe the child’s mouth with a clean piece of cloth.

Flossing can also begin as soon as there are two teeth that are touching. Teach your little one to become accustomed to oral healthcare even before they can do it by themselves.

Allow them to teach a sibling

Children love teaching their siblings or other children how to do things. Have the older children teach the younger ones how to brush teeth after they have learnt how to do it properly. That way, you will have both children brushing their teeth and showing you their clean healthy smiles before bedtime or stepping out for school.

Brushing time should be fun

You can use a two-minute song to encourage your kids to brush their teeth and ensure that brushing lasts the entire two minutes. Brushing will not feel like eternity when they are listening to the song.

Alternatively, use a reward system to encourage kids to brush their teeth. Collecting stickers for every time they properly brush their teeth will eventually earn them a gift.

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