Important Places You’re Missing When Brushing

teeth, health, smile, dentistYou brush your teeth at least two times every day. But few people brush all areas that require cleaning in the mouth.

The back teeth and grooves on teeth make people miss many spots where plaque will build up. This buildup if not removed will lead to formation of tartar and a host of other problems.

Ensure that you are brushing the following areas of your mouth that many people tend to miss.


For many people, teeth are the main focus of their brushing routine. The gumline deserves some attention when brushing. This is the area where the gums meet the teeth and should be brushed at an angle of 45 degrees to get rid of food and bacteria beneath the gumline. Make sure that brushing is carried out gently — particularly if you suffer from gum recession or gum disease.


Brushing the tongue is important since it contains numerous bacteria just like other areas of the mouth. Many people forget to brush their tongue during their oral care routine.

In most instances, bad breath is caused by failure to clean the tongue regularly. The bacteria and food particles on the tongue will accumulate producing the foul odor.

Brushing of the tongue is fairly simple and can be carried out with your regular toothbrush. Brush your tongue beginning from the back and finishing at the front. Remember to brush gently and to do it consistently.

Back Sides of Front Teeth

The back sides of teeth are often overlooked when brushing. This includes the upper and lower front teeth. Consistently missing these back sides will lead to the buildup of tartar. Get into the habit of maneuvering with the toothbrush to reach these often missed areas.

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