How Technology is Changing the Face of Dentistry

teeth smile dentist healthThe technology world is abuzz with new applications that are cropping up everywhere and almost every other day. The same applies for the dental field where there has been an explosion of applications to be used in dentistry.

3-D Scanning

3D scanning technology has led to the easier development of more accurate tooth models and dental restorations.

The new technology scans impressions of the teeth to produce a ‘virtual’ 3D model. This model can be used to plan orthodontic treatment using clear aligners or to design and mill crowns, veneers and other dental restorations.

If a model is required as part of the process then the digital data is relayed to a 3D printer that then prints a model of the teeth. The result is an accurate model that can be used for the cosmetic detailing of dental crowns and veneers.

3D printing technology can also be used to create drill guides and denture bases saving on time and increasing accuracy.

Dental crowns and veneers constructed using this digital technology are stronger and have a more accurate fit against tooth structure making them more reliable longer lasting than crowns made using previous ‘hand made’ technologies.

Laser Detection Systems

Lasers are transforming dentistry with the ability to detect cavities earlier than other conventional methods. The lasers are able to show the areas of decay well before x-rays due to high precision.

This allows the dentist to address dental decay before it causes extensive damage to the tooth. Laser detection is able to reveal the weak points during routine dental checkups. It will constitute preventive dental care that helps to maintain oral health and prevent the need to have teeth filled.


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