How to Restore Your Smile after Being Worn Down By Bruxism

teeth health smile dentistBruxism is characterized by teeth grinding during sleep. Others will grind their teeth during the day and remain unaware of the bad habit.

Bruxism is a serious condition since it will ruin your teeth over time. Bruxism will wear tooth enamel leaving the individual with teeth that look filed down and abnormally short.

Regular dental checkups will help to identify the symptoms linked to teeth grinding. Your dentist should help you find ways to control your bruxism and repair the damage caused.

Stop the Bruxism First

There is nothing to be gained repairing worn teeth before the original cause has been eliminated. The forces we put on our teeth in bruxism far exceed the strength of the best dental materials. a bruxism sufferer will quickly break any dental repair.

To stop the bruxism a guard is made and worn whilst sleeping.

Repair of Gum Tissue

The severity of bruxism will determine how far gum tissue is affected. Long-standing bruxism will also affect the gums. Affected gum tissue must be treated before any restorations to the teeth are carried out. Gum recession and gum inflammation will be treated appropriately and given time to heal properly.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are recommended for people who have severe teeth damage as a result of their bruxism. The crowns act as a cap to the tooth to protect the root of the tooth and to restore the smile. They will also prevent further damage to the teeth.


Veneers are a good choice to improve the appearance of worn-down teeth. Veneers are especially good for the front teeth which will look uniform and have a natural appearance. Veneers also help to improve the functionality of the teeth.


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