Learn More About the Benefits of All-Ceramic Crowns

teeth health smile dentistThere are numerous options for people who want to get dental crowns to protect their teeth. Some of the materials used to make dental crowns are stainless steel, resin, ceramic and porcelain. Dental crowns are both functional and durable and function similar to natural teeth.

Dental crowns will not only protect the tooth but will also improve the tooth’s appearance. Benefits of ceramic dental crowns should make them your number one choice for your damaged tooth.

Ceramic accurately matches natural teeth

All ceramic crowns are translucent and will accurately match the color of your natural teeth. Ceramic crowns cannot be conspicuous like those made of metal and will be a good choice for front teeth. They are also best suited for smaller spaces occupied by the front teeth. You will have a natural-looking smile since they blend in perfectly with the existing teeth.

Biocompatible Material

Ceramic is a biocompatible material which makes it better than metals for the health of gum tissue. All ceramic dental crowns allow the gum to grow around the edges making them look more natural. You will have a natural looking and beautiful smile.

There is no risk of an allergic reaction with the ceramic crowns such as that associated with metallic crowns. There will also be no sensitivity to temperature when eating and drinking.

Durability and Beauty

The ceramic crowns are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth and are durable — protecting the teeth over many years. They can be more cost-effective compared to metal crowns.

Ceramic are also resistant to wear and corrosion since they can be custom-made to fit your smile. All ceramic dental crowns could be the perfect choice for you and will function just like natural teeth.

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