How to Correct Overbites in Older Adults

 teeth health smile dentistAn overbite happens when the upper jaw protrudes too far over your lower jaw. Overbites are a common condition and lead to a variety of dental issues. Correcting an overbite isn’t something limited to treatment during your childhood or teenage years. Treatment can also happen during adulthood.

Causes of Overbites

Overbites are mostly caused by genes that are passed down from parents. Some childhood behaviors are thought to cause overbite. Malocclusions (the misalignment of teeth) are yet another cause of overbite.

The severity of an overbite varies from mild to severe and the effects on your smile will depend on the type of overbite. It is best to have an orthodontist or dentist determine the impact of an overbite.

Restoration of Normal Bite

Some people have an overbite which doesn’t affect their smiles while other people have extreme cases of overbite that affect their jaws and tooth enamel. Tooth wear and a high risk of tooth decay are effects of having an overbite. You stand to experience great oral health by correcting your smile.

Treatment Options

Orthodontics is the best treatment for overbite. The options available are braces and Invisalign that will help to guide teeth into their correct positions effectively fixing your bite problem.

Orthodontic treatment is not only for young children and teenagers. You are never too old to have an overbite corrected. The treatment can be given to people across all ages for as long as their smile is not healthy.

You will get an x-ray to determine the position of your jaws and to aid in the development of a treatment plan. Treatment is tailor-made depending on your unique overbite.

Some unique cases will require surgery or extraction to correct the overbite. However, the vast majority of overbite cases can be treated through simple orthodontics.

Talk to your dentist about the available options. Invisalign is an option for people who wouldn’t like to wear braces but want to get a gorgeous smile in the shortest time possible.

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